Everything is OK

“Everything is OK” is a project is about the ridiculous efforts the Venezuelan government undertakes in order to hide the serious shortage situation overwhelming the country.

Entire supermarket isles filled with just a single product. An attempt to cover the sun with a finger.

In the most critical economic times of our history (Venezuela’s) and under the baton of a corrupt and ineffective Government, Pop Art like strategies fail to hide the truth.

“Everything is OK” is a policy in which the Government only successfully managed to bring out their own mess to the public in a spectacular way . The shortage in all its glory.

946131_10153754066005428_8649200803742140369_n 10288798_10153862451125428_6676533620102468835_n 10299546_10153862450685428_1449421605887634737_n 10401885_10153881218690428_1558038810872497583_n 10583863_10153881218640428_8204657116455351368_n 12417693_10153754066530428_7500207581348032614_n 12439075_10153754066135428_1059544175948088940_n 12439342_10153754066055428_72264927138058987_n 12540555_10153754066575428_4991882948020446356_n 12565599_10153754066270428_7598423652747008229_n 12801291_10153862490875428_3536588124906687968_n 12801336_10153862491060428_8851654022244583594_n 12805768_10153862491125428_2983714121524394976_n 12871463_10153881218745428_8895544259411757018_n

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