Extensive experience working with Event Planners and Venues.

Expertise with product details, décor and ambience photography. For more photos go to my Instagram Account exclusively devoted to décor photography @budecoracion

For bookings and rates please email me paulandreaortiz@gmail.com

002447_MG_7393007097_MG_5860006072_MG_5664001449_MG_7398001_dsc7581 001_mg_5669 001_mg_5547001_mg_5598001_img630058_MG_2107.jpg075_MG_2204.jpg077_MG_2238.jpg027_MG_9819.jpg163_MG_0659.jpg139_MG_0580.jpg068_MG_0035.jpg036_MG_9859.jpg001_mg_7261001_mg_4319001_mg_4460 001_mg_5758 001_MG_5141001_MG_0198_1001_mg_7158001_MG_7444001_MG_1465054_MG_6721016_MG_4589

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